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MILLER, Kent Francis

Servicenumber: T-060679


MILLER Kent F 01


Miller Kent F 02a

Miller Kent F 03 

Age: 21
Born: 17 October 1922, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Hometown: New Martinsville, Wetzel County, West Virginia
Family: Elmer Miller (father)
Louise Miller (mother)
Eugene Miller (brother)
Janet Miller (sister)
Helen P. (Rockwell) Miller (wife)
Rank: Flight Officer
Function: Pilot
Regiment: -
Battalion: -
Division – Transport: 8th Air Force
Company – Squadron: 66th Bomber Squadron
Unit – Group: 44th Bomber Group, Heavy
Plane data: (Serialnumber, MACR, etc.) Serialnumber: 42-7638
Type: B-24H
Nickname: Big Banner
Destination: Münster, Germany
Mission: Bombardment
MACR: 1714
Date of death: 22 December 1943
Status: FOD
Place of death: Zuiderzee (Flevoland) Netherlands
Spot: Not available
Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Walls of the Missing
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Margraten
Biography: -
Other information:

F/O Kent F. Miller enlisted in Ft Hayes, Columbus, Ohio on 6 January 1941.

Lagged behind the formation and when the pilot experienced that he would never be able to reach England, he gave the bail-out order. When four airman jumped it was observed that the B-24 was over water, so it was decide to ditch. The landing failed and five men drowned.

Kent Francis Miller was a Flight Officer (pilot) of a B-24H bomber, 42-7638 " Big Banner". His aircraft was shot down over the Zuider Zee ( now Flevoland) in the Netherlands while returning from a mission over Munster, Germany. The Co-pilot survived and was a prisoner of war. Four others washes ashore during the next 6 months. When the Zuider Zee was drained, the plane was found and in december 1975 the names of the 5 found in the aircraft were released to the U.S Government. On April 21, 1976 a funeral with full military honors was held at Greenlawn Memorial Park in New Martinsville, W.V.  The names of the missing aircrew members who were recovered were F/O Kent F. Miller, 2nd Lt Frank A. Passavant, T/Sgt James C. Childers, S/Sgt Stanley Pilch Jr. and 1st Lt Donald E. Shaffer.

"West Virginia Fliers' Bodies found in Sea - The remains of two West Virginia men have been found in the wreckage of a B-24 bomber which crashed 32 years ago in the Dutch Sea. The Department of the Army identified the men as flight officer Kent Miller, pilot, of New Martinsville, and Lt. Frank A. Passavant, navigator, of *Paden City. The plane crashed Dec. 22, 1943 while returning from a bombing mission over Münster, Germany. The plane was discovered by the Dutch government, which has been draining the sea for the past several years in an attempt to reclaim land for its use. The Army said records show the B-24 bomber had 10 crew members with only the co-pilot surviving the crash. The remains of four other crew members were washed ashore at various times during the six months following the crash."

*In contrast to the above newspaper article 2nd Lt Frank A. Passavant came not from Paden City but from New Matamoras.

The remains of F/O Kent F. Miller are buried in his hometown of New Martinsville, West Virginia.

Source of information: André Koch, Randy Cochran, Charles Miller (brother), Terry Hirsch,,, - WWII Enlistment Record, - MACR 1714,, - 1940 Census, - Ananya Reddy

Photo source: André Koch, Randy Cochran / Charles Miller


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