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GERE, Ernest J

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GERE, Ernest James

Servicenumber: 33320749 Gere Ernest J

Gere Ernest J 2

Age: 23
Born: 2 October 1920, Pennsylvania
Hometown: Chester County, Pennsylvania
Family: James Gere (father)
Helen Gere (sister)
Julia Gere (sister)
Margaret Gere (sister)
James Gere (brother)
Bire Gere (brother)
Elizabeth Gere (sister)
Ernie Gere (brother)
Rank: Private
Function: Not available
Regiment: 327th Glider Infantry Regiment
Battalion: 1st Battalion  
Division – Transport: 101st Airborne Division
Company – Squadron: B Company
Unit – Group: -
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Serialnumber: 43-19797
Type: CG-AA Waco Glider
Destination: Landing zone W near Best, Holland
Mission: Dropping of members of the 327st Glider Infantry Regiment during Operation Market Garden
MACR: 15332
Date of death: 19 September 1944
Status: KIA
Place of death: Kruishoutem, Belgium
Spot: Not available
Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot D, Row 25, Grave 4
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Ardennes
Other information: Pvt Ernest J. Gere graduated from Phoenixville High School in 1938 where he participated in all the schools sports. He attended a couple years of college and worked for B.F. Goodrich Company before he entered the service.

He entered the service on 2 July 1942 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Due to bad weather in the vicinity of Ghent several tow planes and gliders encountered navigation problems. The glider piloted by F/O Fry was released from the tow plane for an unknown reason, dropped down, hit some tree tops and crashed in a field. All fifteen passengers and the pilot were killed. On 20 september 1944, they were all buried at the municipal cemetery of Kruishoutem. At that time, Kruishoutem was already liberated.

Source of information: Astrid van Erp, Raf Dyckmans, Terry Hirsch,,,,,

Photo source: Peter Schouteten, Michel Beckers /


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