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GARRETT, Warren Harris    "Harry"

Servicenumber: 36622329

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Garrett Warren H 02


Age: 23
Born: 12 January 1921, Pickett County, Tennessee
Hometown: White County, Illinois
Family: Claud Garrett (father)
Susie Garrett (mother)
Johny Garrett (brother)
Mattie Garrett (brother)
Curtis Garrett (brother)
Lutha Garrett (sister)
Silvia Garrett (sister)
Goldie Garrett (sister)
Nora Garrett (sister)
Rank: Private First Class
Function: Not available
Regiment: 327th Glider Infantry Regiment
Battalion: 1st Battalion
Division – Transport: 101st Airborne Division
Company – Squadron: B Company
Unit – Group: -
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Serialnumber: 43-19797
Type: CG-AA Waco Glider
Destination: Landing zone W near Best, Holland
Mission: Dropping of members of the 327st Glider Infantry Regiment during Operation Market Garden
MACR: 15332
Date of death: 19 September 1944
Status: KIA
Place of death: Kruishoutem, Belgium
Spot: Not available
Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot D, Row 31, Grave 6
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Ardennes
Biography: -
Other information: Due to bad weather in the vicinity of Ghent several tow planes and gliders encountered navigation problems. The glider piloted by F/O Fry was released from the tow plane for an unknown reason, dropped down, hit some tree tops and crashed in a field. All fifteen passengers and the pilot were killed. On 20 september 1944, they were all buried at the municipal cemetery of Kruishoutem. At that time, Kruishoutem was already liberated.

Statement from Capt John W. Gallager, 82nd TC Sq. 436th TC GP:
"I was towing F/O Fry and was flying the number three position in a four ship element. I lost the formation over the sea about four minutes before I reached the Belgium coast. Due to instrument weather I went down and crossed the coast under the weather at an altitude of about 200 feet. When we reached a point about 6 miles from Ghent, Belgium, the visibility got so low we could just see the glider from the tow ship so I decided to try climbing up through the altitude of about 500 feet the glider pulled our tail down and left. Then it straightened up again for about 30 seconds. He then started having more trouble and either cut loose or the rope broke. We made a search of the area but found no trace of the glider. During this search we found an R.A.F. Field so we landed and reported the position of the glider as near as we could."

14 men from 327/B Company and glider Pilot Fry lost their lives in the glider crash. Their names are: F/O Emory A. Fry, 1st Lt Allen M. Ellis, S/Sgt Milo H. Wallace, Sgt Henry J. Barrett, Pfc Warren H. Garrett, Pfc Frank G. Haake, Pfc John A. Insolo, Pfc Patrick B. Keane, Pfc Charles W. Kempf, Pfc Paul N. Lasky, Pfc Frank S. Pacheco, Pvt Ernest J. Gere, Pvt Jesus G. Hernandez, Pvt Eugene M. Moran, Pvt Kenneth O. Zimmerman.


Source of information: Jasper van Haren, Raf Dyckmans,,,,

Photo source: Jasper van Haren


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