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To address the technical issues that our website encountered in the past couple of months, we have moved the database to a new server. This has caused a downtime. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please that not all issues may be solved yet and that we will continue to do our utmost to solve these in the near future. Thank you for understanding.



Please use the form below for any questions that you may have or if you want to send us additional information on or photos of one of the soldiers who are listed in our Fields of Honor - Database. You can send your email in Dutch, English, and French.

Additional information or photos

If you want to send us corrections and/or (additional) information on or photos of a soldier who has either buried in or memorialized at the American War Cemeteries Ardennes, Epinal, Henri-Chapelle, Lorraine, Luxembourg, or the Netherlands, please use the form below. You can attach documents, photos, and others files that are related to the soldier via the upload-button. It is also possible to send information directly to We will try to update the soldier's memorial page as soon as possible after having received your email. Please only submit information or other documentation such as photos either of which you are the owner or for which you have acquired permission to submit it to our database from the original source.

To adopt a grave or to find out whether a grave has been adopted

It is important to know that we as foundation do not maintain any of the "Adopt-A-Grave" programs. As a group of adopters, we are occupied with doing research to soldiers who gave their lives for freedom, hoping to honor them in this way. If you are particularly looking for the Foundation Adoption Graves American Cemetery Margraten, which maintains the "Adopt-A-Grave" program for the American War Cemetery Margraten, please visit Through that foundation you will be able to adopt a grave on the Margraten Cemetery or learn whether a particular grave on that cemetery has been adopted. The foundation that maintains the "Adopt-A-Grave" programs for the American Cemeteries Henri-Chapelle and Ardennes, we advise you to contact these cemeteries directly and they will help you the best they can. The "Adopt-A-Grave" program for the American Cemetery Epinal is maintained by US Memory Est Grande France. In case of the Lorraine Cemetery, the program is maintained by the Association France - Etas-Unis Lorraine. They can be reached by email.

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