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KIRKHAM, Virgil Paul

Servicenumber: O-774193



KIRKHAM Virgil P 02

KIRKHAM Virgil P 03 

Age: 20
Born: 27 November 1924, Corbett, Multnomah County, Oregon
Hometown: Multnomah County, Oregon
Family: William C. Kirkham (father)
Mary E. (Raybourn) Kirkham (mother)
Dortha P. Kirkham (sister)
Susie E. Kirkham (sister)
Marion L. Kirkham (brother)
Rank: First Lieutenant
Function: Pilot
Regiment: -
Battalion: -
Division - Transport: -
Company Squadron: 377th Fighter Squadron
Unit - Group: 362nd Fighter Group
Plane data: (Serialnumber, MACR, etc.) Serialnumber: 44-89700
Type: P-47D-30
Nickname: Lady Jo-Ann II
Destination: Pilsen, Czechoslovakia
Mission: Air and Ground Cooperation
MACR: 14219
Date of death: 30 April 1945
Status: KIA
Place of death: Southwest of Taus, Czechoslovakia
Spot: Not available
Awards: Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross
Gravenumber: Plot A, Row 21, Grave 18
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Lorraine
Biography: -
Other information: 1st Lt Virgil P. Kirkham attended 1 year of college before he joined the Regular Army in Lincoln, Nebraska on 2 March 1943.

Statement from 2nd Lt Merrill E. Holland:
"I took off from home field flying Argue blue 4 position. Shortly after take-off Blue 2 called Argue leader Lt Kirkham, and said he was returning to the field because his prop was out. I then moved up to No. 2 position in the three ship flight. Lt Kirkham called the ground controller and received a target to be bombed, after which we were to run a close support, armed recon for some enemy tanks. We found several M/T in this area on a small road that was well hidden by trees. We began to shoot up these trucks, when Lt Kirkham made a law pass and his left wing appeared to hit the tree tops, which caused the plane to do a quarter roll and he went straight into a hill covered with trees. I saw his plane hit the ground, exploded immediately and burned. This accident was Southwest of Taus, Czechoslowakia, on 30 April 1945 at 1250 hours."

Lt Kirkham is remembered just outside of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.

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Photo source: -, – Janice Williams Langley, – SweetpeteX


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