BOEHM, Michael A

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BOEHM, Michael Albert

Servicenumber: O-688576 Boehm_Michael_A

           Boehm Michael A 02


Age: Not available
Born: 1917, Youngtown, Mahoning County, Ohio
Hometown: Mahoning Country, Ohio
Family: John C. Boehm (father)
Susie Boehm (mother)
John C. Boehm (brother)
Susan Boehm (sister)
Margaret M. Boehm (sister)
Hilda (Deppner) Boehm (wife)
Michael Boehm Jr. (son)
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Function: Bombardier
Regiment: -
Battalion: -
Division – Transport: 8th Air Force
Company – Squadron: 733rd Bomber Squadron
Unit – Group: 453rd Bomber Group, Heavy
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Serialnumber: 41-28615
Type: B-24H
Nickname: Ginnie
Destination: Gotha, Germany
Mission: Operational
MACR: 2895
Date of death: 22 February 1944
Status: MIA
Place of death: Volkerak, North Sea
Spot: Not available
Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Walls of the Missing
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Margraten
Biography: -
Other information: 2nd Lt Michael A. Boehm was a former Lowellville resident. Previous to coming here, he graduated with the Class of '35 at New Waterford High School. In school he took part in the Junior and Senior plays. He was a member of the 4H Club. He received awards in Bookkeeping.  Entering the service in January 1941, he trained at Luke Field, Arizona and Randolph Field, Texas. He received his wings at Kelly Field, Texas. When overseas, Lt Boehm was stationed near his sister, Susan, a Lt in the Army Nurse Corps. The two had planned to meet a few days before he was declared missing. He was reported missing in action on February 21, 1943. 

His plane was returning from a bombing mission and was last reported over the English channel. The plane was seen to hit by E/A, went down, hit the water and exploded. No chutes were seen. No trace has been found of the crew or bomber. On May 8, 1945, Lt Boehm was declared dead by the War Department.

Source of information: Peter Schouteten,  Erwin Derhaag, Astrid van Erp, Marc van den Berkmortel,,, Lowellville High School - Echo Yearbook (Lowellville, OH), - Family Tree

Photo source: Peter Schouteten, Lowellville High School - Echo Yearbook (Lowellville, OH)


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